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Create Engaging Stories for Your Video Production

Here's some tips to help create engaging stories for your next Video Production. Create a successful video campaign to boost your Business.
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Client Testimonial Video

What Can Client Testimonial Video Do?

A Client Testimonial Video is great, simple, clear idea for any business to use in their video marketing. It’s one of the most powerful concepts out there – you’ve heard it a hundred times before, it’s called social proof. Puffing yourself up always sounds like a load of hot air – your prospective clients need ... Read more
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Video production brisbane

What can a video be?

I always hate to be cliched - they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the videos we shoot are shot at 25 frames a second, which is 25 still pictures every second to give the appearance of smooth motion. In any case it is difficult to get anyone to read 1000 words about your business, let alone 24000 a second.....
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Practice and Learn your script

Practice and Learn Your Script

If you want to make sure that your video marketing is perceived well, I have a very important message for you. I have to admit that you're not going to like it, but nobody ever got good results from taking the easy road..
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Video Interview Tips Posture and Tone of Voice

Video Interview Tips – Posture & Tone of Voice

Here at Sky Jellyfish we have talked before that if your video marketing is perceived well, you’ll be received well, there’s more to that, read on. And here is some of it: how you sit or stand in your video production, your posture, and your tone of voice also affects how people perceive you and your video...
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Dress to Impress

Video Interview Tips – Dress to impress

Video Interview Tips - Dress to impress. When you're recording videos - whether it's a corporate video, blog video, real estate video, training video or any sort of video production - what you wear when you’re on camera has a big effect on how people perceive you.....
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Video Production Corporate Clarity

Use Video for Corporate Clarity

How often have you looked at  business marketing and wondered what do they really do well? If you are not sure after a quick glance then they probably lack Corporate Clarity
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Video testimonial Mistakes

Testimonial Mistakes

When someone comes to your website, the online face of your business, to see what you're about and whether you're the right company for them to deal with
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Video Statisitcs Sky jellyfish Brisbane Video production

Video Facts 2018

Are you implementing video yet? Using Online Video is now the expected digital marketing strategy – which you should be doing already! Either way, here are the Top Video Facts you should know about Video Marketing in 2018.
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Video Sells Real Estate Video production

Does Video Sell Real Estate?

Does Video Sell Real Estate? Qualified reports tell us that 73% of home sellers would choose a real estate agent who uses video to sell their property over one who does not.
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Video Sells Realstate

Video is Changing Marketing

Here’s an interesting question for you. In two or three years’ time, would you be reading this article or would you be watching it? Videos are changing marketing and Video Marketing is growing
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How to Look good on camera Sky jellyfish

How to Look Great in Front Of A Video Camera

About to hop in front of a video camera? Particularly if you’re a first-timer, standing in the limelight can be daunting—you want to come across well! Because filming is what we do here at Sky Jellyfish, we’ve seen a lot of people in front of video cameras and we have some tips for how you can look your best.
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Video SEO Video production

Video SEO – Host your Video for Maximum Results

In this article we will teach you how your video can increase your website’s SEO rankings and be found more easily on Google, how to achieve high video rankings on YouTube and Google and how this can drive more traffic to your website.
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Video production brisbane are-your-videos-getting

Are your videos getting you results?

If you’re creating videos that just aren’t gaining the reach and popularity you think they deserve, maybe there are some things you could improve to make them pop a bit more—whether it’s in the actual creation of the video or the sharing process afterwards. These are our Nine tips for making sure your videos grab more attention.
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Real Estate video brisbane

Real Estate needs video

Qualified reports tell us that 73% of home sellers would choose a real estate agent who uses video to sell their property over one who does not. That means the small 3% of agents who are actually using video have a major advantage. Are you one of them? Why use video to sell real estate? Well, if getting a leg up on some 97% of your competition to attract nearly ¾ of sellers isn’t reason enough, read on.
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video production packages brisbane

Sales Video Benefits

Hi, I’m Nik Brown from Sky Jellyfish – we’re a video production company that specialises in marketing videos. You’ve come to this page to learn from us about sales video benefits and we know through training and experience what works and what doesn’t. In this article i’ll be introducing you to general sales videos, what they are, and how to use them.
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