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Wedding Videographer Brisbane

Wedding Videographer

A professional Wedding Videographer knows what shots to get for your Wedding Video

Every wedding video should include these traditional shots:

  • The Groom waiting at the front
  • The Bride’s arrival
  • The Bride’s entrance
  • Exchanging of Vows
  • Married couple first kiss
  • Exiting of venue procession
  • Guests arriving at reception
  • Couple arriving at reception
  • Toast
  • Main Speeches
  • First dance.
  • Cake cutting.
  • Bouquet toss.
  • Father-daughter dance.
  • Couple Driving off

Wedding Videographer

Wedding Video Preparation Shots

A few memorable shots can be taken during the wedding party's preparations, but others, such as the groom pinning on his boutonniere may require staging.

Either way, memorable scenes that should be included in your wedding video are the result of careful planning with your wedding videographer.

Before the ceremony, look for these shots:

  • Bride and bridesmaids getting ready.
  • Exterior shot of the church or venue.
  • Interior wide shot of the church or venue.
  • Altar.
  • Flowers.
  • Wedding program.
  • Groom and ushers hanging out.
  • Pinning boutonniere on groom.


Wedding Videography Bride getting Dressed
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Wedding Videography Brisbane

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