Video Pixelation Service

Looking for a Video Pixelation Service, or Video Face Blurring?

Sky Jellyfish Video Production are the experts at treating your video footage for for privacy, security or legal purposes.

Do you have an incident where you have to pixelize people's faces, identifying features or anything else?

What is Video Pixelization?

At Sky Jellyfish Video production, we're experts at taking your footage, from a security camera, body camera, or anything else, cutting it down to what you need, and Pixelating or blurring out whatever you like - without missing a single frame.

Our skilled video pixelation production crew have been working with Hospitals, Government Departments and Legal firms for the past 6 years. We understand your legal requirements for video pixelation and offer safe and secure methods of delivery.

We've blurred the faces, number plates, tattoos, and ID badges of hundreds of people.

I'm Interested - What Now?

Because of the sensitive nature of this work, we can't show you any real examples. But the video above on this page shows a good example of the quality you can expect from Sky Jellyfish.

Whether it's for a legal requirement or just privacy - we have you covered. Send us an enquiry now, or give us a call - we'll discuss your project, process the footage, and have it back to you as soon as possible-  securely.

Video Pixelation ServiceVideo Pixelation Service

We obscure the things you want to keep hidden and private - so people only see what you want them to see.

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Are you looking for either Video Pixelation, Video Pixelization or Video Blurring? It has many names. There's no real answer to which one is correct - and people search for all of them, so we thought "why not put all of them on the page?" That way when you're looking, you'll find this page, no matter what you're looking for. And let's throw in for good measure - Video Blurry Shapey Shapes For People's Faces.