Feel Like Shooting Someone?

Or some thing? Our videography service is dedicated to making your project look great. We have the cameras, lenses, gear and experience to get your location shooting done the right way.

Our expert videography will power up your video with professional style.

The Art of Engagement!

At Sky Jellyfish Video Production, our videos always have a reaction in mind that you want your audience to have, or an action you want them to take.

In order to get both of those tasks accomplished, we have to engage the viewer - and a key component to engagement is relevance, variety and energy in the videography and shots that are taken!

Watch this to see a sample of our videography!

Let us know your requirements, and we'll tell you how long your location shooting will take.

Watch this to learn a bit about us.

Accomplishing Your Videography Goals.

First - why do you need a video in the first place?

Solving this need is our main focus. We draw upon our knowledge and skill to provide a real solution to this need - without just jumping to "making a video".

Therefore, hiring the right video company to produce your project is critical. That's us!

We always bring spare batteries. In fact, we bring 12.

The Three Pillars of Videography

Good shooting takes experience and an eye for what looks good. But there are three things we also take into account when shooting for you - and they're important.

Knowing What You Need

Location Shooting Planning Meeting

Our skilled production crew has been working with corporates, businesses, government departments and real estate agents for the past 11 years.

We understand your requirements and can't wait to make your video pop with some awesome videography. And yes, that's a frog up there in the title. Why? Just to make sure you're paying attention.

Smooth Videography

Videography Example

The key to footage that supports your goals is making the message the star - not the style of the shots. We don't want to steal focus from the message we're trying to convey - unless, of course, the message is the style.

Making things smooth ensures that the content of the shot is the focus - not the shot itself.


Videography Preparation

We take videography seriously - because we take the result seriously.

That means shots lists, scripts, setting your expectations, checking times, scouting your location, checking hair, make-up and clothing to be worn, checking the weather (grey skies make footage dull, rain, wind and thunder can interfere with sound), and checking for flight paths overhead, traffic noise and nearby trains.

Every business has a different culture, target market, staff, location and strengths. No two shoots are the same - ever. We'll get your shots - you just keep looking good.