Why Choose Sky Jellyfish Video

Why Choose Sky Jellyfish Video?

We're specialists in creating high-quality video productions that not only accomplish your specific objectives - but exceed them.

Why Choose Sky Jellyfish Video?

Why Choose Sky Jellyfish Video?

We can think of quite a few reasons as to why you should choose Sky Jellyfish Video Production

A flawed video and placement may cause irreparable damage to your company’s brand.

But a well-executed, thought-out video and marketing campaign can boost credibility with clients and prospects.

First - why do you need a video in the first place?

Solving this need is our main focus. We draw upon our knowledge and skill to provide a real solution to this need - without just jumping to "making a video".

For that reason, hiring the right video company to produce your project is critical. That's us!

Why Choose Sky Jellyfish Video
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The Two Questions

The most important questions we can answer for potential clients are:

“What can you do for me?” and “Do you get results?”

Or are there more? There's also "Why Should I Care About This?" And don't forget "How Are You Different?" And the other hundred questions.

In fact, a lot of thought can go into exactly what questions we should answer. Our carefully constructed videos show your potential clients the answer to the right questions.

Method of Construction

A Sky Jellyfish video is about your brand, your business, your goal, your message, your offer, and your audience. All these layers brought together with sound and motion.

Our method does all the hard work to draw your audience in to see, hear, feel, and believe your message. We take care of strategy, to the shoot, to delivery and placement.

To make an impression, be remembered, and get people moving, we build your video, layer by layer - so it's message is as natural as a handshake, a high-five or a hug.

You need experts who can do all of the above. Welcome aboard!

Why Choose Sky Jellyfish Video?

We've left the lens cap on before - but only when the camera's packed away.

Watch Our Introduction Video.

Why Choose Sky Jellyfish Video?

At Sky Jellyfish Video Production, we've been serving Australian businesses like yours for over 11 years.

We take pride in being a quality provider of video solutions that matter, and take care to hit all the small details and finer touches that other companies miss.

Take a look at our introduction video, and learn a bit more about us.

Our Process guarantees a result that matters for your business.

Our Process

Discovery of Needs

It's critical to talk with you, understand your business and your goals, and figure out why you need a video in the first place.

Once we figure that out, we can use our depth of knowledge to zone in on the best video solution for your need.

Research, Creative & Pre-Production

We have a goal - and a strategy. Now we research your business and competitors, creating concepts to present to you for approval.

Then we map out a production, shot list, schedule, and get moving.

Production: Lights, Camera, Action!

The fun part! We arrive with cameras, lights, mics, and talent to capture all the pieces we need.

We'll know where to get the best shots, and we know the best tricks to get the great look that's needed.


We cut everything together to produce your amazing video! You'll see our review system, where you and your team can make notes on the timeline for any tweaks.

Delivery & Placement

Once approved, we deliver your new video however you choose. Host it online, in ad campaigns, post to social media, or whatever else you require.

Post Delivery

Leads are generated, conversion rates are improved if your video is used correctly. We can meet to lay-out marketing strategies and actions to achieve your goals.

We Are

a professional, creative team of video production specialists, creating high-quality marketing and business video productions

Our Passion

is managing the behind-the-scenes details, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Our goal

is to represent you and your organisation to the highest caliber by delivering superior productions.

Our Desired Outcome 

is to delight you, by producing a video that exceeds your requirements and expectations.