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Who Are We?


Sky Jellyfish Video Production was established in May 2011 by Peter & Nik Brown with a goal of combining Peter's 40 years of marketing & promotion experience, with Nik's graduation from Film & Directing school. We combined professional marketing with the creative ability to engage people in a story through video.


We knew we wanted to make a clear goal and clear systems that guaranteed a clear result. We created clear products with a structured price list for clients to order without confusion.

Being a startup business, we were engaged by smaller companies that really needed the help - but often their presentation was muddled and lacked basic clarity.

So we saw the light and came up with a term for the ideal video production - "Corporate Clarity". Suddenly - we had a goal - to bring absolute clarity to businesses. Simplify language and answer the questions: 'What is this business to me' and 'Why should I care?'


At first, things weren't so easy - even though we had planned it all out, we're both the type to just jump into things and as they say, you don't know what you don't know. There were shoots that went wrong, our computers were so slow we'd have to let them produce the final videos overnight, and our internet was so slow that it took hours to upload a client's video.

But with every mistake, we asked why, how, and we improved our systems so it would never happen again. We upgraded our equipment, and we worked our way up the ladder to take on big corporate jobs we always dreamed we would have.


There's still a little way to go until we're at the tippy top. But we're close enough that the big boys should be scared. We're hungry, we're smart, and we're coming.

Oh, and why did we choose our name? You'll have to ask us in person.


Video production Peter Brown

Managing Director | Peter Brown

40 years in the advertising, marketing and promotions Industries, Peter is competent in all areas of Digital Marketing and Video Production.

I love the creative challenge each and every job brings. I work with our clients until we have the right feeling and content to give the video project authentication and trust.


Creative Director | Nik Brown

An expert of engagement, Head of Videography, Production and Creative - Nik will guide you through your creation with professional ease.

The art of creating engaging content is walking a fine line between being relevant and overwhelming - between being fresh, and distracting. Style and substance have to meet.


AD, Camera, Editor | Paris Corbett

Chief Editor and Assistant Director. Paris is the engine that makes your production run on time. Started in 2015.

I love working with Sky Jellyfish. Taking one of our projects from a script to a proper video through hard work, from shooting and editing is super satisfying.