Drone Videography

 Drone Videography Brisbane

Sky Jellyfish Will Make Your Video Fly!

Need a bird's eye view? Our Drone Videography will get those awesome aerial shots to add great energy to your project.

Australia is set to spend $4 billion on drone related technology in 2021 (As quoted by QBE)

What's With The Drones?

At Sky Jellyfish, we ensure our Drone Videography Services videos, always have a reaction in mind that you want your audience to have, or an action you want them to take.

In order to get both of those tasks accomplished, we have to engage the viewer - and a key component to engagement is variety and energy.

Drone Videography Brisbane
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Drone Videography in Australia means territorial birds. When they get angry, we use evasive maneuvers.

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No Need to Drone on and on...

There's nothing better than showing things from an angle nobody ever sees - unless you own a private helicopter, that is.

From up in the air, you can see things in a way that people just don't. It's exciting, it's different, and it's fun.

For our drone shooting, we comply with all standard laws and regulations.

The Three Pillars of Drone Videography

Good drone shooting takes experience and an eye for what looks good. But there are three things we also take into account when shooting for you using a drone - and they're important.

Knowing What You Need

Drone Videography Consultation

Our skilled drone videography production crew has been working with corporates, businesses, government departments and real estate agents for the past 12 years.

We understand your requirements and can't wait to make your video pop with some great drone videography. And, yes, that's a bird up there in the heading. Why? Because they attack our drones!

Smooth, Slow Shooting

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The key to usable drone footage is going slow - that way, things can be sped up if need be in post-production - which means more potential from your shoot!

Smooth, slow shots are a great starting point to be sped up - and either way, making things smooth ensures that the content of the shot is the focus - not the shot itself.

Checking the Weather

Drone Video Service

Shooting on the ground with gear that costs thousands is scary enough - when we start flying it around hundreds of metres above, it's truly frightening!

A key step in drone videography or any outdoor shooting is checking the weather. Grey skies make footage dull and lifeless - and high winds and storms interfere with the process.

If you need drone work done - hit us up. We're always available to chat about your project, and will send a proposal your way with a goal to benefit you and your clients.

A drone pilot's life is an exciting one. Territorial birds, cranky technophobes thinking you're an Illuminati agent come to spy on them... Let us worry about those! We'll get your shots - you just keep looking good.