How much does a corporate video cost?

How Much Does a Corporate Video Cost?

How much does a corporate video cost

Have you ever sent out multiple enquiries for a corporate video cost and been surprised at the varied quotes you receive?

In this post we'll show you how to determine the cost of your corporate video.

How much does a corporate video production cost?

Well, it could be anywhere from $500 to $5000 and beyond.

That might not be the answer you want so I’ll tell you out the main things that affect the price of your corporate video.

There are 4 main items to consider when how much a corporate video costs to produce

  • 1 Length of Video
  • 2 Length of location Shoot (If required)
  • 3 Cost of Talent (If required)
  • 4 Time to Edit

After this video production blog, you will be in a better position to plan your ideas and manage your budget, before you contact a corporate video production company like ourselves.

Plus, we’ll also provide you with some ideas to help keep costs down for your future corporate video productions.

The Top Factors that Determain the Cost of your Corporate Video Production

How long does my video need to be?

The longer the video the more expensive it will be. Before you start getting quotes from various video productions companies, try to determine the final length. A lot of businesses contact us, asking for the cost of a 5-minute video. If this is for a staff training video or a how to video, then that length is fine. But if you require a company overview video or a landing page video, the best option is to keep shorter. The last thing potential customers want to watch is a long video about your business, in fact they won’t watch it past 90 seconds or so. Keep your corporate video length down to keep the viewer engaged.

How to determine the length of your video

If you’re including a voice over in your video, write a sample script with the important parts to include in your video first. Then work out your word count 130 word is roughly 60 seconds

If you’re not planning to use voices and just media and titles, plan your video into scenes with a rough time for each scene

If this does not suit you, we offer a full script writing service included with all premium quotes and can assist you with determining the optimal length for your video to get best results

How Long does my video need to be

Do you need Talent for your Video Production?

talent for your Video production

Hire a Professional Presenter

When we refer to talent, we are talking about a professional presenter, actor/s or voice over artist.

Not every video production requires talent, many videos we produce utilise a voice or presenter from your business and in many cases that’s fine.

But a professional presenter will usually enhance your video and make it more professional, and in many cases, more believable.

You’ll be surprised at the low cost or using professional talent

We can also cast for presenters and actors and show you the short list.

We include professional voice overs in our premium packages

How long will my Corporate Video take to Produce?

How long will it take to shoot?

Not all videos require location shoots but if yours does the best way to manage your budget is by keeping your locations to a minimum. Most videos we shoot, only use two locations. These are usually at the business premises for an interview and shots of the business and a customer’s location for a testimonial or product at work type of shot.

Take into consideration length of time for set up at each location. Even a 15 second Social Media video may still take 30 minutes or more to set up lighting and cameras correctly.

In addition, if we are using Drones the time will change depending on the weather

As a rough guide we usually allow a 2- 4hour shoot at each location plus travelling time

How long will my video take to edit?

The more locations required, the more time it takes to go through and edit. Also, if using unprofessional talent, we will usually have to shoot more takes to get the perfect read. So don’t be surprised if the seven locations you have asked to fit into your 60 second video takes a longer time to edit than you had planned.

Corporate Video production

Other considerations

Maximise your value and plan for the future

While you have our crew at your location why not capture enough footage to use for future videos or cut downs ie 1 2 minute corporate presentation or a series series of several 15 - 30 second spots for social media.

It’s much easier to film it all at once and capitalise on the cost efficiencies.

What’s your Budget?

Be transparent and if possible, advise your video production company of your budget and expectations so they can work out the best value and length for your

Don’t forget all the little extras that add up

Depending on what you want from your corporate video production, there are other costs involved that start to add up, including presenter and actor hire, hair and makeup, music licensing, voice-overs, translations, travel costs and expenses.

But if you don’t know all the answers yet, we will meet with you to discuss all of these options

In Summary

  • Provide a clear brief
  • Determine your Video length
  • Decide your Talent requirements
  • Work out your Locations

If we are provided a clear brief with all of those details, we can give you a pretty fast quote turnaround 

If you need corporate video production services and want to work with a company that will help you get the most out of your budget, contact us We are standing by for your email or call.