Why a Business Needs Video

Why a Business Needs Video


Why a Business Needs Video

To explain why a business needs video, we must understand what goals the business needs to accomplish and how video can help in those goals.

Generally, one of the most important goals is to get more work in for the business. Then we can generate a cashflow and use that cashflow to get the rest of the business in top-top shape. But first: get work in.

Let us use a simple example of a business named Bill’s Landscaping. They need work – and to do so, they have a website where people send enquiries that Bill responds to, and call Bill directly.

So, we have a goal of either getting online or phone enquiries, which Bill then converts into jobs. The more enquiries we can bring Bill, the more will be converted into jobs.


Use Video on Multi Platforms

This is a goal of “building enquiries”. There are various videos that can be positioned on a website in order to turn visitors to the website into visitors who’ve sent an enquiry – for example, we can use testimonials and case study videos to show Bill’s prior work and hear from his happy clients.

We also have to think about bringing people to the website in order for them to send enquiries in the first place. Apart from the retro-traditional and labour heavy avenues of cold calling, door knocking, leaflet dropping, attending trade shows and simply waiting in the business premises for someone to drive by and notice the sign, there are a few ways to do this online.

These are: Search Engine Optimization (video can push this further), Google Ads, Facebook Ads (which video can power up), Google Display Network Ads, an organic social media presence (which can use video very well to increase engagement and value), YouTube ads (which are mostly video), ads on various social platforms, and email marketing which can include a video.

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Business Video Goals

This is a goal of “generating leads” – and most of these avenues can be powered up with video – and in the case of YouTube, these are Videos.

But we can also help Bill’s Landscaping by setting the people that send enquiries up to be much more likely to convert into a real job. If we can – and I hate the cliché – drive these people to know, like and trust Bill’s Landscaping, if we can answer the questions of “why should I care?” and “what can this business do for me?”, and if we can excite people to WANT Bill’s Landscaping, then they will be far more likely to convert into a real sale.

This is called “driving conversions”, and the best way to hold an audience’s attention so we can deliver all the information required to do it, is with video.

That's just some of the reasons why a Business Needs Video

We have many more reasons and are happy to discuss them with you face to face or via Zoom