Create Engaging Stories for Your Video Production

Create Engaging Stories for Your Video Production

Here’s some tips to help create engaging stories for your next Video Production. Create a successful video campaign to boost your Business.

An engaging video is worth well over 1.5 Million words!

That’s a whole lot of room for story. So how do you get started? Keep these essential tips in mind as you begin to create stories for your next Video Production.

Humour Engages Your Audience

It’s common for videos to use humour to create engagement, but it is particularly effective in the Business to Business space, and industries where formality is expected for proper behaviour. At the end of the day, you’re still talking to people: make sure to be genuine.

Be bold and creative with your video storytelling

Imagine how you can convey the message in an unusual way, and then start thinking about unusual ways to do so. If you surprise yourself with new ideas, your audience is likely to be surprised too.

Write stories that have a Beginning, Middle, and End

Before you begin, find out what they are. Prepare a storyboard and a script beforehand to illustrate what you envision the story to look like. You will be able to identify any potential problems before your Video Production starts filming.

Make sure you Don’t Run with the First Thought that Comes to Mind. 

You should take some time to think about lots of conceivable solutions and eliminate the obvious ones first.
Think about holding a brainstorming session with your team in which there are no bad ideas, where everyone is free to offer any potential solution.
After evaluating your ideas, think about how they would work, and then choose one to execute on. By allowing your team and yourself to be creative without limitations, you will come up with the best ideas

Only Tell One Good Story

You should only tell one story at a time and not try to do too many things at once. As a great philosopher once said  “Never do  two half-ass things, instead try a whole-heartedly one”.

Shorter is Better

Short stories can be just as compelling as longer ones plus they tend to hold your audience’s attention thoroughly. A great video story can be told in under 60 seconds Don’t bore and lose your audience before they get to the call to action you want customers no partial viewers

Learn to tell a Great Story with your Video Production

Next time you are working on stories and scripting ideas for your next video production, remember these tips, they’re sure to provide some food for thought, and help create an engaging and successful video campaign or call Sky Jellyfish Video Production Brisbane, We know how to write and produce great videos for your business and brand. Ph 1300 084 336

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