Video Interview Tips – Practice and Learn Your Script

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Video Interview Tips, Practice and Learn your Script. If you want to make sure that your video marketing is perceived well, I have a very important message for you. I have to admit that you’re not going to like it, but nobody ever got good results from taking the easy road. You need to practice … Read more

Video Interview Tips – Posture & Tone of Voice

Video Interview Tips Posture and Tone of Voice

Here at Sky Jellyfish we have talked before that if your video marketing is perceived well, you’ll be received well, there’s more to that, read on. And here is some of it: how you sit or stand in your video production, your posture, and your tone of voice also affects how people perceive you and … Read more

Video Interview Tips – Clothing

Video-Interview Tips dressing well

When you’re recording videos – whether it’s a corporate video, blog video, real estate video, training video or any sort of video production – what you wear when you’re on camera has a big effect on how people perceive you, and what you say is going to be received differently depending on how you’re perceived. … Read more

How to Look Great in Front of a Video Camera

How to Look good on camera Sky jellyfish

About to hop in front of a video camera? Particularly if you’re a first-timer, standing in the limelight can be daunting—you want to come across well! Because filming is what we do here at Sky Jellyfish, we’ve seen a lot of people in front of video cameras and we have some tips for how you can look your best.

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Real Estate needs video

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 Real Estate needs video. Qualified reports tell us that 73% of home sellers would choose a real estate agent who uses video to sell their property over one who does not. That means the small 3% of agents who are actually using video have a major advantage. Are you one of them? Why use video to sell real estate? Well, if getting a leg up on some 97% of your competition to attract nearly ¾ of sellers isn’t reason enough, read on.

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