Real Estate needs video

 Real Estate needs video

Qualified reports tell us that 73% of home sellers would choose a real estate agent who uses video to sell their property over one who does not. That means the small 3% of agents who are actually using video have a major advantage. Are you one of them? Why use video to sell real estate? Well, if getting a leg up on some 97 % of your competition to attract nearly ¾ of sellers isn’t reason enough, read on.

People love video.

The statistics back it up. While the average web user spends 48 seconds on a website, the same user spends close to 6 minutes on a website that has video. It’s simple, really, if your real estate website and individual property websites include video, your visitors are likely to stay longer. And the longer a user stays on your website, the more likely they are to translate into a lead. Video is said to be a whopping 53 times more effective at drawing people in than text alone!

Since 2009, video traffic from mobile devices has increased 5000%. Every day, YouTube receives 4 billion video views, and the site has predicted that in the next year or two,  90% of all web traffic will be video. Websites that include relevant, optimized video are 57% more likely to be on page one of Google than those that do not.

Professional property listings allow real estate agents and brokers to market each property to its fullest, instilling a sense of trust and competency with both sellers and buyers. Filled with images, rich text, floor plans, neighbourhood information and mortgage tools. Add a professional video to convey a strong message of professionalism and increase enquiries

Video today is a critically important piece of the puzzle and video gives potential home buyers a much richer online experience than images alone. The movement created by video brings still shots to life, giving viewers a feeling of walking through the home themselves. Adding video to your property websites sells more real estate by inviting more interest, more attraction and more leads. Are you ready?

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