Sales Video Benefits

Sales Video Benefits. What are the benefits of sales videos? Through experience we know what works and what doesn’t. So read on to learn about sales videos and how to use them.

Sales Video benefits

The Benefits of a Sales Video. Hi, I’m Nik Brown from Sky Jellyfish – we’re a video production company that specialises in marketing videos. You’ve come to this page to learn from us about sales video benefits and we know through training and experience what works and what doesn’t.  In this article i’ll be introducing you to general sales videos, what they are, and how to use them.

A sales video is a video made for your business, with a goal of getting:

More traffic to your website/business and/or
Turning existing traffic into sales.

Sales Videos accomplish these goals with value, trust/authenticity, and a call to action.

Value is showing that your product/s or service/s fulfill the client’s needs.

Trust/authenticity is giving the feeling and impression that you know what you’re doing, and the client is in good hands with you. You specialize in what they need, or you have the training, knowledge or experience to do it competently.

A call to action means a direct order for the client to proceed to the next step in your sales process – e.g. “Enter your email below for a free gift!” or “Call now – on 0432 803 012”.

To see some examples of videos Sky Jellyfish has made, visit our video gallery.

Why to use a sale video?

Aside from the obvious advantages of your video essentially being a salesperson working for you 24/7, and capturing an audience and sending them or their contact details to you, video is “the great multiplier”. If you have any existing marketing, whether it’s your website pages, email newsletters, social media posts, or even proposals – video makes them more effective to a massive degree. Video keeps people for longer than text, and has a massively increased success rate compared to text content for:

Website Content
Email Marketing
Sales Funnel Marketing
Promotional Events
Real Estate Marketing

If you have any of the above, and you’d like to make them more effective – video is the answer.

Where to get a sales video?

Right here at Sky Jellyfish – just visit our packages page here, then click one of the enquiry buttons, or drop us a note.

How to use a sales video?

These can be on your website itself, on landing pages for use in sales funnels, in social media campaigns (such as facebook, linkedin, google plus, etc.), linked to from google ads, search engine ads, on streaming sites (such as Youtube and Vimeo) and even played in person, through displays in retail, trade shows and events (on displays such as TVs and projectors).

How much is a sales video?

A sales video can range from $495 for 15 seconds, to $795 for a 30 seconder, to $1350 for a 60 seconder – but custom projects are available with pricing to match. At Sky Jellyfish, we provide top value in both our competitive pricing, our expertise and the quality of our videos. To see our video packages, visit the package page.

How to make a sales video?

In most cases, you have a product or service you wish to market. You should then identify your target market, and the strengths or Unique Selling Points (USPs) of your product, if any. Think about how we can build trust with your clients through video – do you specialize in this product or service? Have you had much experience in this area, or have you got any clients willing to give testimonials about you?

The average script will go something like this:

Business introduction and quick explanation of product or service, highlighting USPs
Build trust through showing that you specialize in this, or have experience in the area, or a quick testimonial.
A call to action

Once you have the information above, you’re ready to proceed with the video – just get in contact with Sky Jellyfish, and we’ll do the rest.

How long should a sales video be?

The important thing to remember is that by and far, the shortest videos are the most effective – but they still have to be of an appropriate length to educate your audience on what they need to know to go to the next step in the sales process – which will be contacting your company, or giving you their details so you can contact them.

Nik Brown

Creative Director – Sky jellyfish

If you are interested in a sales video for your business please drop a line here