Video Interview Tips – Practice and Learn Your Script

Video Interview Tips, Practice and Learn your Script.

If you want to make sure that your video marketing is perceived well, I have a very important message for you.

I have to admit that you’re not going to like it, but nobody ever got good results from taking the easy road.

You need to practice and learn what you’re going to say. In your next video production, before you get in front of the cameras, before you’re charged an hourly fee with a video production company, you need to practice and learn what you’re going to say.

It makes a HUGE difference to your video.

And yes, in the world, there are few people out there that can speak entirely off the cuff and sound just as good. There are masterful corporate video presenters that sound pitch-perfect and can just roll with it. But for you – please take this advice, and learn it, practice it, rehearse it, and make sure it sounds great!

Honestly a video takes a lot of effort to make and it would be a shame to let that effort down by not learning what you were going to say.

The way you will be perceived will improve, and so will the results of your video. Really here, we’re just trying to get above a certain bar, you don’t have to be amazing, but if you learn what you’re going to say, you won’t suck so much that people will just be thinking about how bad you were – we just need to get them to think about what you said, instead of how you said it.

Really, that’s all we’re asking for here. Just don’t suck.

So again a great Video Interview Tip is to Practice and Learn your script

There are some videos – training videos, seminar videos – where the content is long, so you just need to be familiar with it and sound confident. But for marketing videos, real estate videos, and business videos, it is essential to practice. Work with your video production company to make sure you have a teleprompter – at Sky Jellyfish, we offer one to ease the pressure.