What can a video be?

What Can A Video Be? I always hate to be cliched – they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the videos we shoot are shot at 25 frames a second, which is 25 still pictures every second to give the appearance of smooth motion.

In any case it is difficult to get anyone to read 1000 words about your business, let alone 24000 a second, but this is what video marketing and video production are great at. Now, we cannot and should not deliver the equivalent of 24000 words every second about the subject, people’s brains would explode.

But we can set and deliver mood, a feeling of professionalism, of triumph, show capabilities, or answer the two most important questions of ‘what can this business do for me’ and ‘why should I care about this business’ very quickly. We can turn heads towards a business, and pretty much deliver information very, very efficiently and effectively, while holding people’s attention.

We can make videos to generate leads, drive conversions, build enquiries, deliver training – or simply grab attention.

We are always accomplishing a goal, to satisfy the target audience’s wants and needs while pushing them towards the action we want them to take.

Do we want to excite a targeted audience on Facebook and hook them into a sales funnel that will engage them every week with email marketing?

Do we want to excite and push farmers between the ages of 55 and 65 to an e-commerce site where they can order organic pesticides?

Do we want them to feel satisfied with the tv program and tune in again next week?

Do we want to hold their attention and learn the process of how to operate a machine, or guide people through a journey of self-discovery?

Or do we want to pixelate people’s faces in a violent incident that is happened at a hospital?

For most cases, we are assisting a business with three main tenets – getting more sales, powering up their customer experience (and aftercare), and helping with staff morale and training.

There are many things that video is good at, but nothing holds people’s attention quite like it, and nothing delivers information more efficiently, and effectively.

Sky Jellyfish Video Production Brisbane can help make all this clear and simple

Nik Brown – Creative Director