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Client Testimonial Video

A Client Testimonial Video is great, simple, clear idea for any business to use in their video marketing. It's one of the most powerful concepts out there - you've heard it a hundred times before, it's called social proof.

Puffing yourself up always sounds like a load of hot air - your prospective clients need to hear from your existing happy clients that you're not "full of it". And text testimonials - while okay to fill in gaps in the content - always carry a suspicion that - 'is this real?'. Because text testimonials are very easy to fake.

But showing a real person that you've worked with has none of that suspicion. Therefore video testimonials are ESSENTIAL in showing that the only thing you're full of is great work.



What do we do to Improve your Video Testimonial

When we produce a customer video testimonial for you, we'll throw a bunch of relevant questions at your happy client, and cut out the best answers to include in your Testimonial Video, so you'll end up with a video to use for your business that shows people the best of your customer's experience - and the best results.

Questions like:

  • Why did you seek this company out for X service? - this helps set the scene.
  • How did this company make a difference to the process of what they did for you?
  • What do you think sets this company apart from others?
  • What results did this company get for you?
  • How did the results you got from this company ripple through your business?
  • How have things changed since engaging this company?
  • Were you satisfied with this company's service, and would you recommend them?
  • Is there anything else you'd like people to know about this company?

...and many many more. We pick out the best questions to get you the most relevant Testimonial Video for your target market!

Questions for client video testimonials
corporate Client video testimonial interview


Video Testimonial Goals

Basically, a Testimonial Video lets your audience see for themselves that you can do what you say you can do - you're not bullshitting. You're a real business, that gets real results - and here's someone real talking about it! We show what it's like to work with you - what's great about it. We make the viewer feel like they're on that journey with you already.

Amassing a collection of Testimonial Videos from all of your different clients, in different demographics, industries, nationalities, and any other variable you can think of gives you the power to show very very relevant Testimonial Videos to your prospective clients.

For example - if Joe the Plumber is coming to you to for accounting services, showing him a Testimonial Video shows him that you're a real accountant. But showing Joe a Testimonial Video of how happy Sam the Plumber is with your accounting services is even more powerful - it's very relevant, and Joe will feed off this testimonial like nothing else. It lets Joe see that you've done a great job for a client like him in the past - so he is more confident that you'll do a good job for his business.



Case Study Video Testimonials

Testimonials can also be powered up into what we call Case Study Videos. These Case Study Videos are basically longer format Testimonials - and are important to have for big business where stakes ride high on big dollar value jobs.

When the stakes are high, people want to see more about what you did and how you did it. So we get really into the details with your client - your client will be interviewed, your key staff will be interviewed, anyone in your client's organization who was affected by what you did for them can be interviewed too. We want to provide a whole picture of the job you did for the client, what was great, what was unique, how you serviced them, how you problem-solved, and how much better things are now that you've done a good job.

Keep Up Engagement

In these longer format Case Study Videos, it's important to keep up engagement - when you approach 5-10 minutes of people talking, you have to have a good variety in what you're showing. So we will shoot everyone talking, and shoot them during their workday, shoot you meeting with the client, grab plenty of shots of the work you've done for them, your workspaces, and anything else we can think of.

It's important to have a good variety in both the content of the shots that are taken and the way they are taken - slow motion, movement in shots, drone video and time-lapses are crucial tools in making a video visually interesting. And the reason we want to make your Case Study Videos visually interesting is so the message we are delivering gets through and sticks in your audience's heads!


se Study Video testimonials

So - Client Testimonial Videos, and Case Study Videos. One costs a more than the other, but both are essential in today's marketing and business landscape in order to show your clients you're not a phony.

And if you want one - get in touch with us. All you need to do is talk to us and we'll take care of the heavy lifting.