Common Video Testimonial Mistakes

Common Video Testimonial Mistakes

When someone comes to your website, the online face of your business, to see what you’re about and whether you’re the right company for them to deal with – you must prove to them that not only do you provide a quality outcome, but you have done it before, and build that trust with them. And the best way to do that is by using testimonials of your prior happy clients.

And the best testimonials are of course face to face. But obviously this is impossible. The solution- is to present video testimonials individually, Or as part of a video presenting and addressing just what clients NEED to see about your business to come in make an enquirer or sign the bill

The first Video Testimonial Mistakes people make is testimonials that just go on too long and try to pump up the business just too much. The testimonial must be organic – It has to be genuine, but at the same time the testimonial giver has to know what they’re saying – Otherwise the piece will waffle and fluff on – losing the impact.

There is an art to the constructed yet genuine sounding testimonial, but there is also a science and a method to extracting the essence of what you’ve done for the client and distilling this down into a few centric points for the testimonial in the client’s own words. This can be and has often been done on the day. Even if the testimonial giver has no idea what they’re going to say.

And for you to build trust with your future clients- This will be worth it’s weight in gold.