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Peter Brown Managing Director Sky Jellyfish Video Production BrisbaneLinkedIn has finally joined other online platforms by offering another approach to profit — it will soon offer video advertising. Several hundred companies are currently involved in the initial test group, and LinkedIn said it plans to make video...

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Video Sells Real Estate

Does Video Sell Real Estate? Qualified reports tell us that 73% of home sellers would choose a real estate agent who uses video to sell their property over one who does not. That means the small 3% of agents who are actually using video have a major advantage. Are you one of them? Why use video to sell real estate? Well, if getting a leg up on some 97% of your competition to attract nearly ¾ of sellers isn’t reason enough, read on.

Video Sells Realstate

How Video is Changing Marketing

Can you afford to be left behind as video in marketing rises to the forefront?

Here’s an interesting question for you.

In two or three years’ time, would you be reading this article or would you be watching it? Videos are changing marketing and Video Marketing is growing at such an exponential rate, it is highly likely that the answer would be ‘watching it’!

The statistics don’t lie…

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Are your videos getting you results?

Are your videos getting you results?

If you’re creating videos that just aren’t gaining the reach and popularity you think they deserve, maybe there are some things you could improve to make them pop a bit more—whether it’s in the actual creation of the video or the sharing process afterwards. These are our Nine tips for making sure your videos grab more attention.