Video Types

The Right Video Tool for the Job.

Video Types.

You wouldn't tap in a nail with a fork. At Sky Jellyfish, we've made just about every video type of there is to make. From ad-libbed anecdotes to zoomed in zoo profiles. But which is right for your business?

Read below to find out more!

We shoot, edit and make videos. But there are a lot of different problems we can solve with that skill set.

Primary Videos

As part of our large video production services here are: The Primary Marketing + Branding Videos For Your Business. Where the Lead Generation Videos Lead

Business Introduction Video


A Business Introduction video is there to establish your brand - show who you are, what you do, how you effect your clients, and why you get good results.

Length: 45 sec - 2 min

You need your potential clients to trust your business - and there's nothing like hearing a personal side to the story from one of your happy clients.

Length: 15 sec - 2 min

Service Overview Video


Service Overview Videos will set expectations and show the scope and outcomes for each service your business provides, in separate videos.

Length: 30 sec - 2 min

Product Overview Video


A Product Overview Video will show key features and differences of a product or range - introduce it to the viewer in a way that's relevant, and clearly understood.

Length: 30 sec - 2 min

Corporate Overview Video


A Corporate Overview Video is for the B2B client with a deep offering. Build further trust. Establish a range of services and products, and hear from key staff.

Length: 2 min +

A Case Study is a longer testimonial where we examine outcomes and processes, set expectations, and hear from the people that matter in your client's organization.

Length: 1 - 5 min

Staff Profile Videos


Interview the key staff your clients want to know about - their wins, their responsibilities, their personality - and why they do what they do.

Length: ~1 min

Product Explainer Video


If your customer needs to understand how to use or set up your product in a way that's clearly understood, and engaging - this is the video.

Length: 1 - 3 min

Lead Generation/Engagement Videos

On web or TV - get the attention of, and direct, the flow of traffic - so you can enter them into your funnel, and convert them into sales.

Sales Promotion Videos


Spark up some business with a Sales Promotion Video, showcasing your latest exciting sale with eye-catching visuals and an energetic voiceover.

Direct Message/Offer


In a quick, eye-catching video, focus on a direct message or offer from your business to a target market. Usually a benefits/results focus. Results are great for this.

Story Engagement


Your story, values or your "why" are compelling to anyone who wants to work with you. There are other stories to be told as well - and these can be very engaging.

There's nothing more engaging than seeing someone who's where you want to be - and hearing how they got there. How? From your brilliant service, of course.

TV Commercials


We'll get people's attention in this saturated medium - show the big results you can get, a sales promotion, or go for a quirky approach to stand out and be memorable.

Value/Tip Videos


Build trust, provide value, and establish a presence on social media. We like to shoot 6-12 of these at once with a few costume changes and background variants.

Event Videos


This will boost attendance at your next event, and focus on what your target market will enjoy. We'll even come, film and interview, and get footage for the next promo.


There are a million unique, interesting stories to be told that will engage people. Did you know Sky Jellyfish discovered the first natural, underground source of video?

Sales Tool | Process Videos

For that extra oomph to push a sale over the line, stand out from the crowd, boost your training, show a personal touch, and communicate clear benefits.

Training Videos


Save money and time by simplifying your systems and educating through video - we have the expertise to make training an engaging experience that has CLARITY.

Proposal Videos


Stand out from the pack, and boost your conversion rate up with a video to go along with your big proposals. Introduce yourself and your offer professionally.

Trade Show Videos


Attract attention and start conversations at your next public appearance - draw interest and feature key strengths your target market will respond to.

'How To Find Us'


Show your next prospect exactly how to get to your location. We can even show nearby amenities, cafes, food and shopping to encourage them to make the trip!

Retail Display Videos


Enhance your presence, draw attention, and start conversations with videos for displays in the retail environment. Big, bold, and eye-catching, they WILL be noticed.

Banner Videos


Establish your brand with a fantastic Banner Video for the top of your website, landing page or social media. Set yourself apart, and stand out from the pack.

Contact Form/Sent Videos


Encourage people to fill out your contact forms and let them know you'll be in touch with care and consideration. For how inexpensive these are to make, they are very effective.

Video Business Cards


Make a great impression! Introduce yourself and your business with a Video Business Card - starring you. Can be hosted on a landing page with a one-click 'add to contacts' button.

Specialty Videos

We're experienced in real estate, TV, enagement proposals, training - you name it.

Real Estate Videos


Show off a residential listing, its features, strengths, unique aspects, and the amenities in the surrounding area. Appeal to a target market and show them the good stuff.

Business Broker Videos


Show what's expected and appealing from the purchase of a business - what the turnover is, what it comes with, what are its good points, and how to make it work.

Timelapse Videos


It's very satisfying to see something that takes hours, days, weeks or months come together in a moment. We know how to get great Timelapse Videos, of whatever you require.

Green Screen Videos

Green Screen Studio

Absolute control - over sound, over lighting, over what scene you're in or background you're in front of. We do all the set up, and make it easy.

Social Media Videos


Engage a target audience on social media, establish yourself and your brand, and seed an action and a presence so people come back to you again.

Engagement Proposal Videos


We can produce an awesome pre proposal video for you and your fiancée-to-be, with interviews, memories, photos and more - and even hire out a theatre to screen the big moment.



Of course!

360 Degree Videos


Let people have a look around - whether it's your showroom, office or premises, or anything your audience wants to see. Works great for VR!

Shooting Services

We love getting out there and getting cool shots - on location, in studio, for business, marketing, real estate, or TV.

Location Shooting

We love than getting out there and taking awesome shots. We have the cameras, lenses, gear and experience to do a great job.

Drone Shooting adds great energy and eye-candy to your project. See our world from a different, awesome perspective!

Event Videography


Capturing the energy, the fun and the tone of your events is an important part of promoting your next event and engaging your audience.

Studio Shooting

Studio Shoot

Absolute control - over sound, over lighting, over what scene you're in. We do all the set up, and make it easy.

Interviews and testimonials are a fantastic way to add energy to your project by hearing a personal side to the story.

Real Estate Shooting


Show off a listing, its features, strengths, unique aspects, and amenities in the surrounding area. Appeal to a target market.

Presentation Shooting


You give presentations to affect a crowd of people. Capture that magic in a bottle - and use it to affect an online crowd, too.

Product Shooting


Making products look good, showing features and benefits, and seeing them in action is great to position them in your viewer's mind.

More Video Services

Editing & Services

Some jobs can be done entirely from the office.

Video Editing


Our video packages include video editing, but we can also make custom projects from stock video, provided video, or anything else. We charge per hour for editing/colour correction.

Video Subtitles


When we produce your video, we can add subtitles to it for the hearing or speaker impaired. What's that cat saying? He's talking about Office 365, of course.



Our Video Packages include scriptwriting, but our creative team and their years of experience and skill are also available to strategize and write your project for you.

Motion Graphics & Video Titling


Accentuate key points and drive in your messaging with animated titles that look awesome. Great for benefits and features, and we're a big fan.

3D Animation


3D Logo Videos, 3D Effects, motion tracking, rotoscoping - we can do it all. Talk to us about your requirements for your project and we'll make it happen.

At Sky Jellyfish, we're experts at taking your footage, cutting it down to what you need, and blurring out whatever you like - without missing a single frame.

We can make any video type in any style or any custom project you require.

We don't just make the video and leave it in dropbox

We show you how to successfully to market your business with video in so many ways. Video today really is the most cost effective and powerful media there is, so please drop us a note, and put us to the test!