Interviews and Testimonials

See A Story Told By A Real Person.

Need video testimonials and interviews? We can get those great soundbites you're after to add trust and excitement to your project.

There's nothing like hearing it straight from the horse's mouth. Not that we're calling anyone a horse. Not physically.

Opinions Matter.

At Sky Jellyfish Video Production, our videos always have a reaction in mind that you want your audience to have, or an action you want them to take.

In order to get both of those tasks accomplished, we need the viewer to trust what's being said - and there's nothing like hearing a personal side to the story to get that message across.

We know the right questions to get the responses you need.

Flight Centre Case Study Example

Testimonials and case studies let people hear from a real person - what is your customer experience?

Interviews are a fantastic way to add energy to your project by hearing a personal side to the story.

Both of these are essential in today's marketing and business landscape. We enjoy filming them, you'll enjoy the benefits - it's a win-win situation here!

Nervous? We're experienced at relaxing the camera-shy. Once people warm up to us - and get used to the camera - It's really no big deal.

Sky Jellyfish Testimonial Example

Our skilled interview production crew has been working with corporates, businesses and government departments for the past 11 years. We understand your requirements and can't wait to make your video pop with some great interviews - it's all in the soundbite!

If you need interviews or testimonials filmed - hit us up. We're always available to chat about your project, and will send a proposal your way to benefit you and your clients.

We've interviewed over 100 happy clients of our clients.

How Do They Turn Out So Good?

High-quality 4k Cameras

We take 4k footage in the highest bitrate available. Slo-mo ability, colour depth, and great in low-light - we can get more great shots with less set-up time.

Curated Interview Questions

We don't jump to action before planning - we'll talk with you about your objectives, research your business, and provide the best solution to get the best result for you.

Teleprompter Option

Need a very particular wording? If you have no time to learn your lines - we have a teleprompter available for an extra charge. The camera even shoots through it!

Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere

We're experienced, confident, and like having fun while we work. On the occasion that our interviewee is nervous or camera shy, they're never camera shy for long.

Want to Make One With Us?

Sounds pretty good, hey? Interview and testimonial videos are essential for any business keeping up with modern times, and the benefits are clear.

We’ll do all the work – just contact us, we’ll set up a meeting, and hold your hand through the process. Not physically.

Before you know it, you’ll have an increased conversion rate and trust factor with your clients and visitors.