The Business Introduction Video

The Business Introduction Video


First Impressions Matter.

The Business Introduction Video introduces people to your business, answering the questions "What can this business do for me?" and "Why should I care?". You'll get more enquiries with set expectations who are more likely to convert.

Example - Business Introduction Video

Example - Business Introduction Video


The Business Introduction Video is the first video we usually recommend to clients when formulating their video strategy. It's simply one of the best things you can do for your business with video.

We'll sit down with you, learn your business and culture, learn what excites your audience. It's all about knowing what questions your target market needs to hear the answers to - so your video will convert them from a visitor into an enquiry.

What Happens Next?

Book in a meeting with us, and let us know what you want. We'll talk and discover just what your goals and needs are - and how best to accomplish those goals.

It could be that all you need is a few Testimonial Videos, a Business Introduction Video, or maybe your phone number is mispelled on the website. Whatever your needs are - we'll recommend what will actually accomplish what you're after.

Watch Our 2020 Showreel

Your conversion and enquiry rate could be a lot higher than it is right now.

What people say about it

Every business needs to promote themselves via video or they're being left behind. Nik and the Sky Jellyfish team are extremely good at what they do, and this bundle makes it affordable for any business to get started.

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Tristram Morgan
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