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The Corporate Primary is a full suite of videos to draw leads, increase conversions, build trust, and turn heads - communicating your brand and benefits clearly.

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Corporate Cheese for the Market Mouse

We developed The Corporate Primary over our 11 years of experience formulating strategy and making videos for businesses just like yours.

The videos included in The Corporate Primary are the most commonly requested videos that will work for your business, with an extremely high return on investment, and come at a great discounted rate as a bundle.

The Corporate Primary Suite Includes:

The Business Starter Pack + More

Business Introduction Video - 60 Sec

A Business Introduction video is there to establish your brand - show who you are, what you do, how you effect your clients, and why you get good results.

Length: 60 sec

You need your potential clients to trust your business - and there's nothing like hearing a personal side to the story from one of your happy clients.

Length: 1 - 2 min

Contact Form Video

For how inexpensive this is to make, it increases the conversion rate of your contact forms by a strange amount! These videos come at a fantastic ROI and will work for years to come.

Length: 15 - 30 sec

Business Introduction Video - 15 Sec

A shorter version of your Business Introduction Video can be posted and advertised on social media, appealing to your target market and leading them to your website.

Length: 15 sec

An additional Testimonial video will strengthen your trust in your audience - and when you're getting Testimonials, one can look like a suspiciously low number, but two is a good start.

Length: 1 - 2 min

Contact Sent Video

Made alongside the Contact Form video, the Contact Sent video helps you stand out to your enquiries as a professional and considerate provider of the services they need.

Length: 15 - 20 sec


Case Studies

A Case Study is where we examine outcomes and processes, set expectations, and hear from the people that matter in your client's organization. What did you do for them? Did you deliver on outcomes? What was your communication like? What was unique about your service? We'll interview you, them, and find out the scoop. Then, it all comes together into a narrative.

Length: 1 - 3 min

Key Staff Profiles are videos that answer the questions your clients want to know - about the people in charge of the decisions that affect their business. Who's handling my account/service? What are they like, as a person? What's their experience? What do they bring to the role?

Length: 1 - 2 min

Service Overviews

A shorter version of your Business Introduction Video can be posted and advertised on social media, appealing to your target market and leading them to your website.

Length: 15 sec

Lead Generation Videos draw people to you - from social media and paid advertisements on the internet, such as Facebook ads. These are based on sales you're holding, products you'd like to push, and target specific demographics likely to need your business, with problems/solutions that will grab their attention and turn heads.

Length: 10 - 15 sec

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For just $20000 excluding gst you can receive all 10+ Videos in The Corporate Primary at a whopping $4000 discount - that's $24000 of value!

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As a bonus, everyone who orders The Corporate Primary before Christmas 2020 will go into the draw to win a further 120 Second Video Package.

And as a further bonus, we'll throw in a free teleprompter and second camera to your interviews - so you don't need to worry about forgetting your lines! That's an extra $2000 of value.

What people say about it

The Corporate Primary is an awesome collection of video materials that will both position and promote your corporate brand effectively. It provides great value for money.

I've had great feedback from the work Sky Jellyfish has done for me, and their quality of work is second to none - I highly recommend them.

Rob Moore
Invigor8 Accountants and Advisors

The Corporate Primary video package provides a more holistic video offering to larger businesses really looking for a full solution suite of videos. It'll show their business in the best light, and provide a real rounded experience for their clients to see how their business operates.

The work Sky Jellyfish does speaks for itself in the superior quality compared to other companies.

Gavin Blaine
Presidio Finance Consulting

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