What Video Does For Your Business

What Can A Video Do?

Sky Jellyfish are video strategy specialists - there are a lot of capabilities when it comes to video, and we start with the reaction or action we want the audience to have.

We've yet to find a task a video can't do.

The Capabilities of Video

Sky Jellyfish makes videos that generate leads, drive conversions, build enquiries, deliver training - or simply grab attention.

A quality Sky Jellyfish video is a great opportunity to establish the right impression and reputation for your organisation.

They can be used to boost sales, educate and entertain. Videos are the fastest growing media, the most powerful and cost effective media currently available when produced and used correctly.


Why Is Video So Bloody Fantastic?

Only video, of all the different kinds of marketing out there, meets your audience more than halfway. Done right - it does all the hard work to draw your audience in to see, hear, feel and believe your message.

Our Process guarantees a result that matters for your business.

Our Process

Discovery of Needs

It's critical to talk with you, understand your business and your goals, and figure out why you need a video in the first place.

Once we figure that out, we can use our depth of knowledge to zone in on the best video solution for your need.

Research, Creative & Pre-Production

We have a goal - and a strategy. Now we research your business and competitors, creating concepts to present to you for approval.

Then we map out a production, shot list, schedule, and get moving.

Production: Lights, Camera, Action!

The fun part! We arrive with cameras, lights, mics, and talent to capture all the pieces we need.

We'll know where to get the best shots, and we know the best tricks to get the great look that's needed.


We cut everything together to produce your amazing video! You'll see our review system, where you and your team can make notes on the timeline for any tweaks.

Delivery & Placement

Once approved, we deliver your new video however you choose. Host it online, in ad campaigns, post to social media, or whatever else you require.

Post Delivery

Leads are generated, conversion rates are improved if your video is used correctly. We can meet to lay-out marketing strategies and actions to achieve your goals.

We know the right questions to get the responses you need.

Opinions Matter.

At Sky Jellyfish Video Production, our videos always have a reaction in mind that you want your audience to have, or an action you want them to take.

In order to get both of those tasks accomplished, we need the viewer to trust what's being said - and there's nothing like hearing a personal side to the story to get that message across.

What Do We Do?

Every video production is unique and special. Each has its own distinct audience, tone, personality and set of objectives. After our pre-production consultation, to further understand your objectives and target market, we then set up a strategy and execution plan accordingly.

We will work with you to clarify your targeted outcomes for your campaign. In our experience, typical strategic goals for similar marketing productions include

  1. Reinforcing brand identity and key messages
  2. Positioning your organisation as an industry thought leader
  3. Educating viewers on your products and/or services
  4. Identifying and advancing sales leads
  5. Generating sales funnels for advance sales
  6. Providing inspiring and engaging content for the audience

We align our proven practices to address your needs in every step of the process. That way, we ensure your desired outcomes stay at the forefront of every decision.