30 Second Video – The Business Starter

Engage and Communicate in a 30 Second video.

make a memorable impression.

The 30 Second Video, our Business Starter Video Package, is for when you need enough time to get a real message across - great for a landing page video or marketing video to increase your enquiry rate.

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Example - 30 Second Business Introduction Video

A 30 Second Video is a great utility to have.

When 15 seconds is too short, but 60 seconds is too long, you need something in the middle. A 30 second video is a great little utility when what you have to say needs a little bit more substance.

Fantastic for a video to augment a proposal or pitch, short story videos, lead generation videos, testimonial videos, welcome message videos, page explanations, greeting videos, and social media tip videos.

Here's What You Can Do In a 30 Second video:

You can make all sorts of things with our Business Starter Package! See some examples:

Fitness App Video

Event Promotion Video

Service Explainer Video

Product Video

30 Second Testimonial Video for Us

Does A 30 Second Video Sound About Right?

If you would like to order a video - get in touch with us. We will make sure that we listen to your needs and figure out whether the 30 Second Video is the right way to go.

We'll discuss your project with you, make sure your project will meet your goals, then write, film and edit, and deliver your finished project as soon as we can.

Our Multi Video Packages

The Business Starter Pack

business introduction video 2

The Business Starter Pack is everything you need to initialize a boost in your conversions - it includes the 6 highest ROI videos we have geared to maximize the impact of your website on potential clients.

The Corporate Primary


The Corporate Primary Pack is a full suite of videos to draw leads, increase conversions, and turn heads, communicating your brand and benefits clearly.

The Year of Video

the year of video

The Year of Video is a subscription committing to a year or more of constant videos for your business covering the areas you need most - it's great for your cashflow.