15 Second Video – The Quick Fix

powerful effects in only 15 seconds.

all it takes is one great moment.

The 15 Second Video is also known here as the Quick Fix Video and is perfect to get a quick, exciting message across - best used a 'hook' or 'bait' video to draw leads into your sales funnel.

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Example - 15 Second TV Commercial

Give Them A Short, Sharp, Shock.

The Quick Fix Video Package is perfect for those utilities in which you need a short, engaging message.

It's a perfect length to use for lead generation videos. short testimonials, contact form messages, welcome messages, greetings, or anything else you need that doesn't have to be long.

Here's What You Can Do In a 15 Second video:

App Store Vertical Video

Contact Form Video

Lead Generation Video

Event Promotion Video

Airwork Helicopters 15 Sec Vertical

15 Seconds Sound About Right?

If you would like to order a 15 Second Quick Fix Video - get in touch with us.

We'll make sure to take the time necessary to discover if the 15 Second Quick Fix Video is right to accomplish your goals, discuss your project, write, shoot and edit - and have your finished video back to you as soon as possible.

Our Multi Video Packages

The Business Ignition Pack

business introduction video 2

The Business Ignition Pack is everything you need to initialize a boost in your conversions - it includes the 6 highest ROI videos we have geared to maximize the impact of your website on potential clients.

The Brand Explosion


The Brand Explosion Pack is a full suite of videos to draw leads, increase conversions, and turn heads, communicating your brand and benefits clearly.

The Year of Video

the year of video

The Year of Video is a subscription committing to a year or more of constant videos for your business covering the areas you need most - it's great for your cashflow.