Music Video production

We'll Make Your Vision Come To Life.

You've got a song that needs a kick-ass video to really bring the feeling and meaning in your song to life. Any piece of art starts with a feeling, and we'll make sure to listen and ask you questions until we're sure we've got that right. 

The highest watched video on YouTube is the music video production for 'Despacito', with 7.2 billion views. (as seen on

Who Are We?

Sky Jellyfish is a team of creative individuals who enjoy Music Video Production, and working with interesting people and companies.

For you, we work on everything from Music Video Production, Interviews, Documentary Films, TV Commercials, Corporate Videos and much more. We have the spirit of excellence and love a creative challenge. Location-wise, we work mainly in South East Queensland and travel all over Australia for location shoots.

We would love to team up with you, and make an amazing project!  Please stop by our portfolio and see our beautiful work!

Watch this to see a sample of our videography!

The most important thing in Music Video Production is communicating your band's image while capturing the feeling of each song in the video.

Watch this to learn a bit about us.

Music Video Production Goals

We'll work with you to make sure the imagery in your video captures the feeling and story of each song. There are millions of different ways to shoot a music video production, and your budget can vary. So it's our job to make the most of your budget and give you something that 'works'.

Any piece of art starts with a feeling, and we need to capture this feeling 'in a bottle'! This makes sure your music video supports your music. If you can watch your video and relive those feelings you had when you wrote this song, we've done a great job for you.

Come Create a Video With Us.

If you think it sounds like we have a good understanding of what it takes to make your song come to life in a video, then give us a call or send us an enquiry.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can, get in touch to understand your project, write the script + shot list with you. Then we'll book in the shoots, produce and edit and have your video back to you as soon as possible - a video you can be proud of that represents you, your band, and your song.