Marketing Video Production Services

We Have All of the Marketing Video Production Services!

We're experienced at working with Businesses and Marketing Companies to establish relationships, meet your goals and provide Marketing Video Production Services.

Pointy shooty recordy things? Check.
Audio microphoney capturey things? Double check.
Editey computery post-productioney things? Triple check.

99% of Marketers using video are going to keep using video in 2021 (so that means it WORKS!) (as quoted from Hubspot)

If you're looking for Marketing Video Production Services,

Then you need something done for your business or marketing company. You have a problem that needs to be solved, and you've come here to see if we can solve it.

Sky Jellyfish are experienced video doctors - we'll take the time to really understand why you need a video, and make sure we make you something that solves those goals and makes you look awesome.

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The key to making a video work is making it engaging for the target market, while delivering the information you need to make them take an action.

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Accomplishing Your Videography Goals.

First - why do you need a video in the first place?

Solving this need is our main focus. We draw upon our knowledge and skill to provide a real solution to this need - without just jumping to "making a video".

Therefore, hiring the right video company to produce your project is critical. That's us!

What Videos?

Sky Jellyfish provides Marketing Vdeo Production Services in Brisbane.

We produce business, corporate and marketing videos, TV commercials, YouTube and social media videos, Real Estate videos and video business cards.

We offer most videography and video production services including: interviews, video editing, location shooting, script writing, video and digital marketing and now specialising in social media videos linking to sales landing pages.

Our Video Packages are priced from only $395+gst for 15 seconds.

We don’t just produce a video then leave it in DropBox for you, we show you how to successfully to market your business with video in so many ways. Video today really is the most cost effective and powerful media there is, so please drop us a note, order from our 3 packages or create a custom project and come make a video with us!