Into the Deep – Video Priority List

What Video, When?

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A priority list for what video to get first, and second, and third, and so on, and why, and when, and how much, and have a look!

Get This First!

1. Business Introduction Video

What Is It?

A Business Introduction Video introduces you to your potential clients, showing why they should care about you and what you can do for them.

What Are The Benefits?

This video will upgrade your conversion rate, enquiry rate and customer process through setting expectations and communicating your business clearly.

Get the Business Introduction Video (and many more) In...

Order This Video Only


Only need one video for right now? While you'll get a discount with a pack, you can order a single video - we'll take care of the shooting, writing & editing. You'll get your shiny new video before you know it!

The Business Starter Pack

business introduction video 2

The Business Starter Pack is everything you need to initialize a boost in your conversions - it includes the 6 highest ROI videos we have geared to maximize the impact of your website on potential clients.

The Corporate Primary


The Corporate Primary Pack is a full suite of videos to draw leads, increase conversions, and turn heads, communicating your brand and benefits clearly. Has huge potential to upgrade your marketing.

2. Testimonials

What Is It?

Testimonials are social proof of your business doing a great job - a story in your happy clients' own words. What did they need from you? Why did they choose you? What sets you apart? Would they recommend you?

What Are The Benefits?

Testimonials set expectations, generate trust and excitement - and position you as a winner in the mind of the viewer - ultimately leading to more trust, clearer expectations, and more customers.

3. Lead Generation Videos

What Is It?

Lead Generation Videos draw people to your website from social media and paid advertisements on the internet, such as Facebook ads.

What Are The Benefits?

These videos increase not only the quantity of traffic coming to your website but send a quality of traffic that are far more likely to convert. It's important that the people that click on your ads will be your clients - as each click costs.

4. Minor Website Video Upgrades

What Are They?

We have a whole host of minor website video upgrades. Mostly straight to-camera dialogue with your branding and logo, an example is our 'Contact Form Video' - we encourage the viewer to fill out the contact form, stepping them through and ensuring they know we will be in touch soon with a thoughtful response.

What Are The Benefits?

The Contact Form Video example increases the conversion rate of contact form pages by a STRANGE amount! And they are cheap to make! These videos come at a fantastic ROI and will work for years to come, increasing the actions and reactions of pages they're on.

5. Service + Product Overview Videos

What Are They?

Service Overview Videos set expectations and show the scope and outcomes for each service your business provides, in separate videos.

A Product Overview Video show key features and differences of a product or range, introducing to the viewer in a way that's relevant, and clearly understood.

What Are The Benefits?

Showing the scope of your business and products in a professional, engaging video only helps set you apart, and identifies to the consumer your capabilities, particularly aspects they might not have known about, or not known were relevant to them. This means more conversions, leads, and clients.

6. Case Studies

What Are They?

A Case Study is a longer testimonial where we examine outcomes and processes, set expectations, and hear from the people that matter in your client's organization.

What Are The Benefits?

Increased trust, and a higher conversion rate from those clients who would like to know more about the way you work - the sorts of clients who are likely to spend more than the usual amount of money with you.

7. Engagement Videos + More Lead Gen

What Is It?

Drawing a steady stream of visitors that will engage in a relationship with your business is essential - and making videos that will engage your target market is something that needs to be done.

What Are The Benefits?

These videos increase not only the quantity of traffic coming to your website but send a quality of traffic that are far more likely to convert.

8. Key Staff Profiles

What Are They?

Key Staff Profiles tell your clients what they want to know about the people in charge of the decisions that affect their business.

What Are The Benefits?

Increased trust and clearer expectations mean that your client process will be smoother, and your client number will be higher.

9. Sales Tool Videos

What Is It?

Sales Tool Videos are videos that assist in your sales process, like Proposal Videos, Video Business Cards, Lobby Videos, Retail Display Videos and Trade Show Videos (to show at Trade Show stalls).

What Are The Benefits?

Making your offering stand out vs the competition is worth its weight in gold - it will increase your sales conversion rate, ensuring that every dollar spent on drawing leads is worth even more.

10. Refresh Content, Split Test, More Lead Gen and Engagement!

What Do We Refresh?

We have to keep up to date! As time goes on, you'll hold sales, come out with new products and services, hire new staff and do more great work - and your public should know about all about it!

What Are The Benefits?

Refreshing content ensures you stay relevant and don't miss out on any potential attention you could be getting. Split testing lets us compare the results of differences in a video campaign to see what is more effective for YOUR target market - we refine and upgrade - and this gets you better results!