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Sky Jellyfish are one of the top Film Production Companies Brisbane has to offer, specializing in achieving business goals with video since 2011.

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sky jellyfish are proud to be a brisbane film production company

Film production companies in Brisbane have to know the Brisbane business landscape.

We've been working in Brisbane, with Brisbane businesses to sit down with you, listen to you, prescribe and create a solution that works for you - since 2011. We are a proud Brisbane film production company.

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What Happens When You Deal With Sky Jellyfish?

Get in contact, we'll talk with you, and from there, we'll be doing the heavy lifting. Here's a quick explanation for what to expect from your Sky Jellyfish experience.

First Contact

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Whether you call us or submit a message through our contact form, you first need to contact Sky Jellyfish Video Production.

We're going to have a short conversation with you, get an understanding of your identity and what you need. We'll schedule to sit down together and listen in greater depth at a location of your choosing, video call, or over the phone if necessary.

And although we are a film production company in Brisbane, we service clients Australia-wide and even overseas.

Meeting and Understanding

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We'll sit down and listen to you, take time and take care to understand your needs, and what you're expecting us to do.

We're going to write, study, prepare and present the solution that we believe you are looking for.

We make sure that we set standards as a leading film production company in Brisbane so that you understand exactly what will happen with scheduling, the production process, timeframes, budget, and the result.

Video Production and Delivery

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Then we come to the creation process of the video itself, where we will, to the best of our abilities, scriptwrite, cast talent, direct on the day, film, edit and create your video.

We'll make the most of your shooting day, and the edit - when you receive your video, you'll get exactly (or better) than what you expected, and all the footage and video will be yours to do whatever you want with.

As for the utility and usage of the video - just ask us if you need help.

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Start the Process!

We're proud and excited to do a great job for our clients. No matter what you need, when it comes to video we're only a click or phone call away.

Get in touch with us now using the buttons below, and get excited about making an awesome video with us!