Corporate Video Production Brisbane

Corporate Video Production Brisbane

An Eye For The Finer Measures.

You have a need - it's why you're looking to engage us. Therefore, when we meet with your marketing staff either in person or online, we'll listen and ask questions. We'll gain a full understanding of why you need us and how we can best solve that need. We specialise in Corporate video production in Brisbane and neighbouring regions.

COVID-19 has drastically increased the amount of online video people watch. (as quoted from Hubspot)

making sure you look good

At Sky Jellyfish, our Corporate Video Production is laser-focused on the specific objectives your campaign or project needs to accomplish.

You have guidelines, branding and an image that needs to be upheld and spread out to your target market. We're here to make sure that happens in your video.

There are expectations people have of you and companies like you in your industry. We're here to make sure those expectations are well and truly met! At the end of our project, you'll be happy and excited to work with us again!

Watch this to see a sample of our videography!

Corporate Video Production needs to feel modern and meet the consumer's expectations of a company of your size. It needs to look 'good'. 'Really good'.

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Our Capabilities:

Corporate Video Production for big companies is all about listening to what you need and what you expect. We have to make sure we impress you with our attention to detail.

Our capabilities are to make anything that needs a camera, director, editor or actors.

But by sheer volume, most of our Corporate Video Production in Brisbane are Corporate Overview Videos, Testimonial and Case Study Videos, Training Videos, Service, Product Overviews, Key Staff Profile Videos, and Social Media Engagement Videos.

We give you a whole video package in your proposal/quote, which keeps things simple. That package includes voiceover, animated titles, licensed music, transitions, editing, sound, and everything that makes a video look and feel great!