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Sky Jellyfish is a professional, creative team of video production specialists with more than 45 years of combined experience, creating high-quality marketing and  business video productions.


Our passion is managing the behind-the-scenes details so you don’t have to worry about them.


Our goal is to represent you and your organisation to the highest caliber by delivering superior productions.


Our objective is to delight you, by producing a video that exceeds your requirements and expectations.

Peter Brown Sky jellyfish Brisbane video productions

Managing Director

Peter Brown

Video Producer and Video & Digital Marketing Specialist.

Radio, TV, Acting, Adverting Agency background

I love every aspect of our industry and creating our clients videos that cut through and that inspire the viewer to connect with the message.  I strive to work with our clients and their team until we have the right feeling and content to give the video project authentication and trust.

What we will do

Every video production is unique and special. Each has its own distinct audience, tone, personality and set of objectives. After our pre-production consultation, to further understand your objectives and target market, we then set up a strategy and execution plan accordingly.

We will work with you to clarify your targeted outcomes for your campaign. In our experience, typical strategic goals for similar marketing productions include:

  1. Reinforcing brand identity and key messages
  2. Positioning your organisation as an industry thought leader
  3. Educating viewers on your products and/or services
  4. Identifying and advancing sales leads
  5. Generating sales funnels for advance sales
  6. Providing inspiring and engaging content for the audience

We align our proven practices to address your needs in every step of the process. That way, we ensure your desired outcomes stay at the forefront of every decision.

nik brown sky jellyfish Brisbane Video production

Creative Director

Nik Brown

I come from a creative film background, so I specialize in solving the existing problems that businesses have with video.

The solutions I provide are tailored to your goals and your business. After our initial meeting and planning, we move forward with a cost-effective strategy to fix the problems you have – and offer a powerful video solution.

I have studied script-writing, directing, film-making and editing and I love what I do. I am also very passionate about film, TV, music, food and technology. More often than not my job combines all of those.

Why choose us?

Well we have a major service called “You sit, we listen”, once we understand your desired outcome, we can create the perfect tailored digital solution for your organisation.

What We Want

We want you to love your video, we want your video to perform better than you imagined, we want you as a returning client and we want you to refer us to other businesses. We also want to fine tune your video until you smile.

Now What do you Want?

Why Hire a Professional Video Production Company?

Videos are a great opportunity to establish the right impression and reputation for your organisation. They can be used to boost sales, educate and entertain. Videos are the fastest growing media, the most powerful and cost effective media currently available when produced and used correctly.

A well-executed video and marketing campaign can boost credibility with clients, prospects, media and other stakeholders. But a flawed video and placement may cause irreparable damage to your company’s brand.

For that reason, hiring the right video company to produce your project is critical. You need experts who can:

(1) map out your production plan;

(2) execute the many logistical tasks required to deliver a quality production;

(3) manage talent and sub-contractors and be your reliable point of contact;

(4) advise on correct usage and placement in your marketing campaign;

(5) deliver a quality product:

As a media production partner, Sky Jellyfish will oversee every step of the video production process and deliver a professional and effective video. We also give professional advice on placement, video marketing methods and digital opportunities.

Now what else would you like to know?

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